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Empire Line Lace Wedding Dress

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There’s a regal, timeless quality to found in an empire line lace wedding dress. The classic fabric pattern of lace is composed of intricately designed spaces and geometric shapes that create a beautifully unique array of texture across the skin, that both conceals and reveals with elegant allure. Most often woven from natural cotton fiber, lace also has an enduring natural quality that feels comfortable against the body without causing any harsh chaffing.

The time-honored silhouette known as empire is an excellent choice because it can serve a variety of purposes while always looking great. An empire line lace wedding dress has a high waist that is often bound with a decorative belt, ribbon, or embroidered pattern just beneath the breasts, allowing the skirt to flow down over the lower body in a graceful sweep while highlighting the curves of the bust. This both conceals the waistline and hips while accentuates the bosom.